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Welcome to NC ACDIS’ website.

The 2016 Fall Conference Registration partnering with UNC Lenoir in Kinston is now OPEN!!! Fill out the registration form and remit fees on our UNC Lenoir Conference Page.  We hope to see you there!!!

The NC ACDIS Officers and Advisory Board are volunteer, uncompensated position, and in order to help support our organization needs and its’s phenomenal growth, we started we accepting names of volunteers to participate in and lead Committees! Is you have already volunteered, the leadership Team will be reaching out to you to organize the committee’s effort.

 The committees are

  • Speakers
  • Venue/Food
  • Gift/Honorariums/Door Prises and
  • Internet Presence (Web Page/FaceBook) Committee
  1. Committee work is intended to be independent, self-paced work that can be done during the evenings or spare time (Emails, Phone Calls, Computer work, etc..) whose members report their progress to the Committee Leader
  2. The Committee Leader will organize the committee members’ independent effort towards a contracted goal with the Association Leadership Team.
  3. The Committee Leader will report to an officer who will then report the committee’s progress to Leadership

Please let us know via email,, which committee you’d like to work with and your interest in leading the Team.

The board is also planning a retreat in October to finalize the Bylaws, Advisory Board role, and reporting structure of the Committee

If you’re not a member and desire to receive our emails, please update your NC ACDIS General Email List Form .

Be sure to check out the Conference Information Page to keep abreast of the conference updates.

Next Conference, November 4th, UNC Lenoir HealthCare, Kinston, NC!

NC ACDIS Leadership Team
Beth Soule – President
Linda Rhodes – Vice President
Kathy Burleson – Treasurer
Shelley Scribbins – Secretary

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